Black Elephant

We are a  journal dedicated to changing the literary landscape by publishing those voices that wish to challenge form, push boundaries, and shake free from the confines of established conventions. Our minimalist vehicle and the one line bio ensure a level playing field for artists and an environment in which their exceptional contributions are showcased without distraction. We welcome the textural, visceral, and subtle voices of the linguistic pioneer and the visual maven.

Black Elephant is a place where voices, stories, and the ability to write excellently are celebrated.



About Us

We wanted to create a platform that uplifts our peers and brings light to new voices. Black Elephant is an homage to the many voices still waiting to be heard.

Our online and print publication are currently on hiatus. 

Founder/Managing Editor - Claudine Cain

Claudine Cain, with or without you, is ready for the apocalypse.